Healthy fats are KEY to a good diet

Healthy saturated fats are KEY to a good diet, says doctor Anastasia Boulais.

Didn’t you get the memo? Fat is officially back. Anastasia Boulais is a medical doctor and spokesperson for the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand, which considers healthy saturated fats to be important within a good diet.

“I prefer to steer people away from focusing on a single nutrient and encourage them to concentrate on real foods,” Boulais says.

“For example, eggs are vastly superior in nutritional value and keeping you full compared to industrially processed products like cereal.” According to Boulais, here’s a day’s healthy diet – non low fat-style.


Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and avocado


Omelette with ham, tomato and spinach

Morning/afternoon tea

“I believe that if you need snacks between meals you are not getting enough nutrition with your main meals,” says Boulais. “In no point of our evolution did our ancestors eat five to six meals a day. The reason why you are hanging out for your morning-tea office break is because you had high-sugar cereal and low-fat milk for breakfast.


Beef mince fried in coconut oil with a side of green vegetables tipped with butter


Leftover dinner meat with roast vegetables


Baked fish with kale chips baked in coconut oil and salad


Lamb chops with sweet potato mashed with butter and two other vegetables

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