Dog Boarding Rates

Dog boarding costs can vary and are a little more costly in NY’s Long Island community

  • Dog boarding can cost anywhere from $45 or more per night to even several hundred dollars per night for very plush exclusive dog and pet resorts
  • Dog boarding costs will of course vary and depend on the accommodations and your town
  • Many dog boarding facilities offer discounts for long-term stays and additional dogs – just ask
  • If your dog is a homebody, consider hiring a pet sitter or ask your dog boarding hotel for special accommodations like private strolls and private space for your pet


From our top 10 dog and pet hotels reviews, one dog resort and inn in-particular achieved high marks for an affordable cost coupled with extra services you’d want for your family pet.  The Willow Pet Hotel offered an attractive starting price of only $30/night for most dogs, with a build your own package with extras available too.  Additionally, select discounted packages with virtually any dog hotel service you can think of are available too.

#1 )     best ny dog boarding kennel wphWillow Pet Hotel –    Since 1969 the Willow Pet Hotel has been located on Long Island and is one of the most prestigious pet resorts in the United States. Conveniently nestled on Deer Park Avenue in Deer Park, New York -Willow Pet Hotel, 1926 Deer Park Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729

—- 2017 Winner —-      9.8  (Excellent)
  • Phone: 631-600-3117

  • Luxury accommodation for your pet

  • Attentive friendly professional staff

  • Pricing same as major chains but with full service amenities

Our Top selection for overall best of Long Island Dog Boarding Kennelsdog_boarding_reviews_more_info

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Below we’ll review more in-depth the cost to kennel a dog and pricing for other dog boarding options.


Traditional dog kennel

A dog kennel is a traditional boarding facility – that generally comes with a crate / cage setup. The dog stay accommodations really depend on the dog boarding facility you select.  Generally most dog boarding places provide only basic services such as a single meal a day, water, a place to sleep (usually a crate which may not come with bedding, make sure you ask).  Some large corporate run facilities may not provide daily walks, or playtime with other dogs.  Again, make sure you ask

The Cost: The cost of boarding your dog in a kennel will depend on your Long Island town (in some towns, prices may be higher), and the dog boarding kennel that you choose. Common pricing for overnight boarding in a kennel is usually will start about $45 per night for most dogs.  Lower rates may apply to smaller dogs and of course lower rates apply to cat.  Discounts may be offered for long-term stays and additional dogs.


Dog hotel

Some pet owners want better care for their furry babies.  If you are looking for better care options, more room for your four legged friend to rest in and even a more upscale boarding option, a dog hotel works. Dog hotels differ from dog kennels in that they have deluxe facilities and premium services. Basically, your dog will be getting the full, five-star treatment. Upscale dog hotels offer luxuries such as swanky private rooms, comfy beds, better quality food options, flat screen TVs, grooming services and even spa treatments.  Plus extra daily walks, lots of group playtime, 24 hour supervision, and more.

The Cost: Expect to pay a pretty penny for this type of ritzy pet lodging. Dog hotels start at around $50 per night and go all the way up to several hundred dollars. Just like with a kennel, pricing can depend on your location, and you may get a discount for long-term stays and additional dogs.  See our report for the best rated long island dog hotels option on long island.  Our top selected dog hotel can be affordable for most pet families.


In-home dog boarding

In-home boarding is an option for owners who don’t have their boarded dogs vaccinated, or whose dogs are especially nervous or anxious around lots of new people and other pets. With in-home boarding, your dog stays with a dog sitter in their home. There are some benefits to this type of boarding, including a private home environment.  But, without other dogs to socialize and without the sort of activity, spa treatment and grooming options available at a pet hotel for example. While it may seem that in-home boarding websites like, make finding a safe quality in-home boarder is easier than ever, there are pitfalls.   In private homes, you do not have the check and balances of a pet hotel for example.  Where trained staff and other dog owners stop by daily.   Nor is there a Vet available for any emergencies.

The Cost: In-home boarding is very affordable, since canine hosts set their own prices. Most boarders are dog-lovers who provide this type of service for extra money, and many set their prices low, costing as little as $40 per night.


Dog Sitter

If your dog is a real homebody, you may want to consider hiring a pet sitter instead of boarding. Pet sitters will come to your house several times a day for feeding, walks, and playtime. You can also hire a sitter to stay with your dog overnight. To find a pet sitter, ask for recommendations from your veterinarian.  A downside is that in private homes, you do not have the check and balances of a pet hotel for example.  Where trained staff and other dog owners stop by daily.   Nor is there a Vet available for any emergencies.

The Cost: The cost of pet sitting will depend on what you are asking of the sitter as well as their experience and qualifications. For stops by the house, a sitter may charge up top $50 per day (depending on the number of stops). The price goes up for overnight stays.

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