Research Your Dog Boarding Kennel

best_long_island_dog_boarding6Research Your Local Long Island Dog Boarding Kennel

After finding your local kennels, you can determine the one to consider by:

Telephe the kennel. Call to see if the kennel can accommodate your pet. During peak times such as the Christmas season and summer vacations, many kennels are booked up and cannot accept your pet. Also, because some pets require special handling or accommodations (very young puppies, animals on special medication or feeding schedules, or giant breeds, for example), all kennels may not accept them. While you are on the phone, make an appointment to visit the kennel.

Make a personal visit to the kennel. A personal visit is essential to determine whether the kennel will be satisfactory. During your visit, observe or ask about the service options, hours, staff and level of care your dog will receive.

Research top boarding dog kennels

New York based dog boarding kennels that we’ve researched must adhere to our 4 Smart dog hotel Success factors of:

1. Safetybest_long_island_dog_kennel
2. Security
3. Supervision
4. Sanitation

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