Traveling with Pets

Problems When Traveling with your Pet

Some pet owners take their pets with them when traveling, only to discover that hotel restrictions, travel-induced pet illness, and runaway pets can turn their trip into a disaster. Other pet owners turn over the care of their animals to well-meaning but untrained neighbors or friends. Again, the results are often unsatisfactory. Pets entrusted to such part-time custodians frequently escape or become seriously ill because of lack of reliable, frequent, and knowledgeable supervision.

Fortunately, the majority of pet owners who find themselves in need of substitute pet care utilize the services of professional boarding kennels. Annually, more than 30 million pet owners recognize that full-time, knowledgeable, and experienced boarding kennel operators provide the most dependable, secure, and safe pet care available.

Because competent, ethical boarding kennels are an important part of your pet care program, and because the selection of a boarding kennel can be a confusing and disconcerting process for pet owners, we’ve providing articles and content highlight what to look for when selecting pet and dog boarding kennels.  Your goals should include:

  1. Provide your pet a happy and good care
  2. Provide your pet a safe boarding experience
  3. Provide your pet the best care possible
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