Pete Evans’ slim food tips

Learn how to make healthy food choices at restaurants and cafés with Pete Evans’ top tips.

Pete Evans - Healthy food choices - Women's Health & Fitness

1. Beware of portion size

Portion size is extremely important. Humans are often guilty of overeating and eating too fast as well.   



2. Avoid sugar

I don’t tend to count calories, but I do avoid sugar, whether it be honey, agave or anything that says ‘sweet’ on the menu, as fructose is the real enemy that we should all be trying to avoid.  


Go easy on the sauce - Pete Evans' weight loss tips - Women's Health & Fitness

3. Go easy on the sauce

Choose dishes without sauces, or ask for them to serve it on the side, as that’s where many of the hidden calories reside.  



4. Watch out for ‘low fat’ labels

I look for very low sugar, high saturated fats and low polyunsaturated fats – watch out for low fat labels, which usually mean higher sugar levels and hidden calories.  


Grilled-swordfish salad - Pete Evans' weight loss - Women's Health & Fitness

5. Choose grilled not fried

I always choose for my fish to be grilled, and I ask for a wedge of lemon and no sauce.

Above recipe: grilled swordfish salad>>



6. ‘Fresh’ is your best friend

I look for ‘freshly’ made salads, with the dressing on the side, and I avoid ingredients like croutons, crumbed chicken, or crumbed fish.

If the salads on the menu aren’t tickling your fancy, order a basic one along with a side of freshly cooked vegetables. Broccoli is great in a salad as are snow peas, asparagus, and cauliflower.

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