Pesto pasta with spinach, pumpkin and fetta

A healthy pasta recipe made with spinach, pumpkin and fetta.

Ingredients (serves 2)



Cook fettucini in heated, salted water until al denté (see cooking tip). Drain and set aside.

Dice pumpkin and fetta, and clean spinach thoroughly.

Heat saucepan, add olive oil and sauté off pumpkin. Once pumpkin is tender, add fettucine and spinach.

Stir thoroughly and cook for a further three minutes or until spinach is at your desired preference.

Place in pasta bowl and crumble fetta on top.

Cooking Tip

When cooking pasta always add a pinch of salt. When cooked, never rinse, simply drain off excess water in a colander. To give pasta a shiny glow, stir through a tablespoon of olive oil after draining.

Recipe from Light & Delish.

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