Dog Boarding Kennel Management

What are best dog boarding kennel management practices to look out for? Proper supervision is the key to good boarding. Pets should be checked frequently during the day by someone who is trained to recognize the signs of illness and distress. Experience and practical knowledge are required to detect or interpret such symptoms as lethargy (“I thought he was just […]

Dog Boarding Kennel Safety

What are the safety considerations for your local dog boarding kennel? Kennel areas where your pet will stay should be free of sharp objects, harmful chemicals, and objects your pet might swallow. Primary enclosures (sleeping quarters) should provide solid dividers between your pet and the other boarders, both for reasons of safety and so that your pet will be able to […]

Dog Boarding Kennels Security

When you are on a trip, your boarded dog, cat or pet may decide to try to “find” you. Because of this tendency, and because very few homes are designed with pet security in mind, pets can escape from inexperienced individuals who might be asked to watch your pet. Boarding kennels, on the other hand, are designed to prevent this […]

Dog Boarding Kennels Pet Health

When selecting your local dog boarding kennel make sure to inquire about: Water: Individual containers filled with clean drinking water should be available to each animal. Food: Feeding procedures vary from kennel to kennel. Some kennels supply preferred brands of feed, which they serve to all boarders. However, they usually allow you to bring your pet’s favorite food, if you […]

Dog Boarding Kennels Pet Comfort

What to look for when boarding your dog in a kennel? First determine of the below features come with the service for your dog, cat and pets.  Are there processes and Temperature control: The kennel should be able to maintain temperatures within healthful, comfortable limits for your pets. If you have an older pet, or a pet that requires warmer […]

Dog Boarding Kennel Tips

Dog Boarding Kennel Procedures As a dog boarding customer, you are entitled to be treated in a friendly, business-like manner. Furthermore, a kennel’s customer-handling practices are a reflection of their awareness of their responsibilities to you, the customer, and to themselves as professionals.  When selecting your dog boarding kennel keep an eye out for: Personnel: Kennel work is physically demanding […]

Boarding your Dog

Dog Kennel Boarding Process: Make your dog boarding kennel reservations early Most dog boarding kennels are booked up on holidays and during vacation times. If you wait until the last minute to make your reservations, you may be disappointed. As you make your reservations, verify those items which you should bring with you to the kennel (immunization records, special food, […]

Searching Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels Considerations Does your dog boarding kennel follow regular daily clean-up procedures?  The dog boarding kennel you select should look (and smell) neat and clean. Dog Boarding Kennels should be proud of their kennels and like to show them off, but some of them do not permit visitors in areas where animals are housed. There are two key […]

Dog Boarding Kennels

Successful Dog Boarding Kennels As a dog owner your goal is to find the best dog boarding kennels that have happy, experienced staff to care for your pet.  They will be charged with insuring healthy pets and satisfied pet owners. This requires a cooperative effort from kennel staff and pet parents.  Below responds to numerous requests from pet owners and lists […]

Traveling with Pets

Problems When Traveling with your Pet Some pet owners take their pets with them when traveling, only to discover that hotel restrictions, travel-induced pet illness, and runaway pets can turn their trip into a disaster. Other pet owners turn over the care of their animals to well-meaning but untrained neighbors or friends. Again, the results are often unsatisfactory. Pets entrusted to […]