Dog Boarding Kennels

Successful Dog Boarding Kennels

As a dog owner your goal is to find the best dog boarding kennels that have happy, experienced staff to care for your pet.  They will be charged with insuring healthy pets and satisfied pet owners. This requires a cooperative effort from kennel staff and pet parents.  Below responds to numerous requests from pet owners and lists the features you should look for in selecting your kennel and suggests what you can do to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible. Let’s start at the beginning.

There are several ways of locating the kennels that are convenient to you:

  1. Online Web Search:  Search for a specific kennel’s online reputation and if any complaints have been lodged against them.
  2. Yellow Pages: Yellow page advertising is the primary method of kennel advertising. Remember though, the size of the ad is no indication of the facility’s quality.
  3. Recommendations of friends: Satisfied customers are the best recommendation that a kennel can receive. Ask your friends and neighbors about their experiences. Check with your veterinarian or ask the kennel in question for references.
  4. Better Business Bureau: If your community has a better Business Bureau, a phone inquiry about your local kennels is appropriate. Ask about a specific kennel’s reputation and if any complaints have been lodged against them.