Dog Boarding Kennel Tips

Dog Boarding Kennel Procedures

As a dog boarding customer, you are entitled to be treated in a friendly, business-like manner. Furthermore, a kennel’s customer-handling practices are a reflection of their awareness of their responsibilities to you, the customer, and to themselves as professionals.  When selecting your dog boarding kennel keep an eye out for:

  1. Personnel: Kennel work is physically demanding and difficult. Nevertheless, kennel personnel should appear clean and neat. They should also demonstrate a high level of understanding and concern for your pet by their questions, their animal handling techniques, and their attitude.
  2. Appearance of kennel grounds and office: Kennel property should be neat and well maintained.
  3. Rates: Rates should be available in the kennel office. Be sure that you understand the method of calculating boarding charges. Some kennels have a checkout time, after which you are charged an additional day. Others charge by the night or day.
  4. Boarding agreement or contract: Your kennel should have some type of boarding agreement which clearly states your rights and the kennel’s responsibilities. This type of form protects you and the kennel from any misunderstandings in these areas.
  5. Hours of operation: Days and hours of business should be clearly posted. If your kennel is closed on weekends or holidays, note and respect that policy. On those days all pets are fed and exercised and the facilities are cleaned and maintained, but the kennel office is closed and there is no one in the office to meet customers.


Using the information listed above, you have now located, evaluated, and selected your boarding kennel, and have completed most of the steps necessary for successful boarding. However, there is still one thing required to assure that your pet receives the best care possible, and that is that you fulfill your part of the boarding. Even the best dog kennel in the world cannot take proper care of your pet unless you assist them.